Legend is developing cell therapies that aim to help strengthen patients’ immune systems to fight disease.

We explore several innovative and evolving technologies to treat blood and solid cancers: autologous chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy (CAR-T); and allogeneic CAR-T, natural killer (NK) cells and gamma-delta (γδ) T cells. As a global team, we are building a fully integrated cell therapy platform and advancing multiple agents in the process.

Our approach

Today we have multiple therapeutic candidates in development built on our R&D team's three core strengths:

Deep expertise

We have in-house antibody screening and engineering capabilities

Multiple allogeneic platforms

Diverse allogeneic platforms, including non-gene editing universal CAR-T and NK, which may offer benefits in safety and CMC production

Attention to detail

Multiple armoring strategies to overcome challenges in treating solid tumors


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